Step One:

Place A Repair Order
via phone call or online form & pickup arranged

Got an issue with any device: phone, computer, tablet or game console?
You can place your repair order via phone call – 0813 917 8436,  0805 323 2330
or by filling our online repair order form. Thereafter, the device pickup is arranged.

Step Two:

We would contact you with details
of diagnosis and the cost of fixing

On receiving your device, our engineering team runs diagnostic
tests to identify all faults and cost of fixing. The details are
communicated to you and your approval to go ahead with the repair is sought.


Step Three:

The device is repaired & delivered
back to you.

Once we get your approval to repair at an agreed cost, your device would
be fixed and delivered in 24 hours or more, depending on the nature of the fault.

*Fixed within 24 Hours  * Pickup and Delivery  * Students’ Discount

Trusted and Affordable

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