The terms set out in these Conditions of Repair (“Agreement”) shall apply to the service we provide to repair your mobile device and/or any accessories listed overleaf (“Equipment”) on the service questionnaire form. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use this site.

 Gadget Solution and Estimation Terms

By placing an order for repair, estimation, or a free estimate service you certify that you are the device’s rightful owner and that you agree and understand the following:

  1. Repairing or attempting repair on a phone or any other gadget or their accessories can cause such device or gadget, not to power on under certain circumstances.
  2. All repair work, attempts, and parts are not refundable.
  3. Any physical damage and or liquid damage will not be covered by the 1-month warranty.
  4. Gadget Solution would not be responsible for any data loss. Gadget owners or customers are advised to do a backup of the data on their gadgets, where such is applicable.
  5. Gadget Solution would not be responsible for any further damage that may result from any estimation or repair attempt.
  6. A free repair estimate is only applicable if you choose to have the gadget repaired or otherwise serviced, or if you do not want the phone back and request for it to be recycled. If you do not want your phone repaired or if it is unrepairable, a N2,000 bench fee will be assessed and you are responsible for the cost of return shipping.
  7. Water and liquid damage repairs may require additional replacement parts that will be quoted to the customer at time of liquid damage assessment.
  8. The safety of keep of gadgets repaired or otherwise, left unrepaired and left unclaimed after 30 days from date of the service or status assessment, would no longer be guaranteed by Gadget Solution. This includes partial or full repairs.

Purchasing Parts

Parts purchased from Gadget Solution are covered by a 7-day warranty, from time of purchase. Return the parts if it is found to have a manufacturer defect, rendering the part effectively useless. This warranty is subject to the following terms:

  1. Warranty is void if:
    • The part is damaged or modified.
    • Serial sticker information is removed or tampered with.
    • Nylon or film cover is removed.
  2. Does not cover liquid and water damage, or physical damage.
  3. Warranty not applicable or is subject to Gadget Solution discretion after 7 days

To return a faulty part within the 7-day period: Take a high-resolution photo/video of the purchased part that has the defect and send it to info@gadgetsolution.net so that we can evaluate and then process the warranty claim appropriately.

Gadget Solution reserves the right to refuse service(s) to anyone who does not agree to any or all conditions of the service(s) stated above.

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